About the Upsell

We encounter some form of customer service (for better or worse) everyday. Whether it’s at a restaurant, a golf course, drug store or book store, you have some interaction that doesn’t just include an exchange of goods. Even though sometimes it feels like that’s all it is…

The problem is even with an economy struggling as it is and when jobs are harder to find, the customer service doesn’t seem to have really improved overall. Was it better 10 years ago or am I just looking into a rose-coloured rear-view mirror?

to upsell:
“to try to persuade a customer to buy a more expensive item or to buy a related additional product at a discount.” -dictionary.com

The  ultimate upsell is good customer service. It’s added value. It makes what ever experience or product you purchase, better and can ensure a lasting loyal relationship.

This blog is focused on my experiences with customer service.  It is mostly specific to Victoria, B.C., but truthfully the “dos and don’ts” are universal. I want to showcase the good, as well as the bad. I won’t talk badly of the companies in which these events happened as it shouldn’t reflect on the product, only my experience and perception. I’m even going to wipe the slate clean. I’ve had such bad customer service in some businesses that I will never go back…but that’s now “pb” (pre-blog) and I’m willing to give them another try.

So who am I and why do I have any weight to my claims?
About me:

  • Degree in Communications.
  • 14 years of restaurant experience (9.5 at the Keg in two different countries and 5 at a fine dining restaurant in Vancouver).
  • I’ve lived in various communities around B.C. and Canada and I’ve traveled outside my hemisphere so my experience isn’t just Victoria.
  • I’m no different than anyone else which means I won’t be treated any differently (I’m cute just not “movie star” cute).

In my reviews, I’ll also be adding ways that the experience could have been better as well as pet peeves I’m reminded of.

Customer service is something we all have an opinion on. Feel free to indulge in the comments.  And please, stick to the experience, not the organizations.

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One Response to About the Upsell

  1. Tracy Hull says:

    Hi there,

    just reviewed your site and we agree wholeheartedly…old fashioned customer service has always been the focus of our business. Let us know if you would like to learn more about us…we would be happy to mention your link in one our newsletters?


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