Rating the Upsell

Service Rating System:

sporkFriend Zone
– I just don’t like you in “that way.”  It’s not going to work out.  You obviously have other priorities and aren’t ready for any committment.  No, we’ll hangout…really.

sporksporkBooty Call –   if I don’t have anything else better going on, I’ll stop by.  Your service is really going to have to get better for me to look at you as relationship material.

sporksporkspork2nd DateI’ll give you a second chance.  It wasn’t the best first date but there were some moments between us.  Impress me and we could make this a regular thing.

sporksporksporksporkGoing Steady – this could be the beginning of something major.  You said and did all the right things.  I think we’re ready for a mature, long-term relationship.
The UpSOLD! – a guest mini-blog on a recent positive experience. I’ve noticed, like most things, many people are quick to point out their bad customer service experiences but we should always take the opportunity to give kudos to those businesses that deserve it.

QUALITY CHECK – a business’ response to three questions, providing incite into the big/small business idea of customer service.

The TIP: a weekly customer service note, whether a news story, current event, observation or recommendation.

Pet Peeves: a random blog post on things that really bug me about customer service and that I wish employees or their employers would stop doing.


8 Responses to Rating the Upsell

  1. Terrah Lolacher says:

    Love the rating system.

  2. Service this! says:

    Just how does a spork rating system apply to an optometry clinic. I just can’t see it… (har har har)

  3. Katie says:

    LOVE the rating system

  4. EB says:

    Love the site Russel <—- see I did post a comment, it was just 24 hours late 🙂 You have an amazing way with words that draws you in and keeps you hanging on to hear what comes next. Keep up the good work, not that any of your work would be less than Grrrrrreat!!

  5. […] “Rating the Upsell” for a better […]

  6. […] “Rating the Upsell” for a better […]

  7. […] “Rating the Upsell” for a better […]

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